We are composers, sound designers, technologists and scientists.

In addition to flawless production and implementation,we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the state of the art and science of the sonic experience.  This relentless focus on innovation is what sets us apart.

We believe in being strategic partners, not simply providers.

End-to-end workflows and Agile project management ensure that you always know where you are as your project develops.

Richard Warp, Owner/Audio Director

Richard Warp is a seasoned music industry professional with over ten years' experience in designing music and sound for games, film and virtual reality.  He is also a  practitioner and published author in the field of Brain Computer Music Interface (BCMI) applications.

Scott Looney, Audio programmer/designer

Scott Looney is a passionate artist, educator and audio programmer who has been involved with creation of content for interactive media and games for over ten years. He is an expert in the field of generative sound and procedural audio for virtual and mixed realities.  

Ricardo Leigh, Composer/Sound Designer

Ricardo Leigh is an award-winning composer and sound designer for interactive media, including games, apps and installations.  He is a highly experienced mix engineer and producer, as well as an accomplished guitarist across a breadth of genres.

Robert Gibboni, Research Scientist

Robert Gibboni holds a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of California, Berkeley and is currently researching audition and language processing using FMRI in the Gallant Lab. He is also a multi-instrumentalist and interactive audio expert.

Jon Gillick, Research Scientist

Jon Gillick is a researcher and music composer currently working toward his PhD at UC Berkeley's I School, where he studies Music Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing.  His work centers around using machine learning to explore new ways of understanding and creating music. 

Cathrine Dam, Human Factors Specialist

Cat earned her Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience from UC Berkeley. As a human factors and user experience consultant, she provides insights to every stage of the technology development process.  She sees herself as an advocate for keeping the human at the center of human-computer interactions and strives to emphasize positive psychology to advocate for the user. 

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