Dana Leong - Tektonik & Intonic: Meeting of the minds

Two-time Grammy winning electric cellist Dana Leong thrilled the audience at a private gig in the Bay area in September, bringing a unique blend of impeccable technique, genre-mashing brilliance and cutting edge brain technology to his performance, under the name 'Tektonik'.

Leong's interest in brain technology focuses squarely on the role of the audience, inviting them to become active contributors to the experience by donning EEG headsets to monitor their brainwaves and have the brain signals 'sonified' to become part of the music. In this case, the amount of 'synchronization' (being in the same state) of two of the audience members was the catalyst for the sonic interactions.

Intonic were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such an accomplished artist, and there is surely more to come from this unique collaboration in the future. Stay tuned...

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